World of experience Serfaus

Where children's hearts beat faster

Six Senses

On the “Six Senses” trail in Serfaus you can experience the mountain path with all six senses:  see, hear, touch, smell, taste and even experience illusions (tree sounds, experiments...). The unbelievable journey is accompanied by breathtaking views.

Murmli Trail

With this trail, Murmli the marmot, our tiny Serfaus mascot, will lift the secrecy of his home a little and he will show you his wonder world on an exciting adventure journey. The journey starts close to the Gampen family chairlift - discover Fiona, Bruno and more!

Bear Caching Park

Download the Serfaus Fiss Ladis Caching Park App and start you adventure. Try to solve the mysterious riddle about the bear treasure.  You will start at the "Murmliwasser" and walk around the Alpkopf! 

Murmli Water Serfaus

The water playground Murmli Water is situated near Komperdell middle Station and is a 15,000 m² big area.  The park consists of numerous interactive stations. There are clay ponds, pillow pumps, sand playgrounds, Stones and many other atrractions to discover. Children can design stone dams and diversions planned on their own.

Panorama Enjoyment Trail

A magnificent panorama will be presented on this wide and well built hiking trail without major uphill sections - so it's suitable for all ages! The trail reaches from Sérfaus (Komperdell) to Ladis (the smallest village of the Plateau) - but it is also possible to enjoy only parts of this beautiful path!

Serfauser Sauser

A flight of the extra class - in a sitting position you gldie down at airy heights - Adrenalin is guaranteed. You can experience this unique feeling with the Serfauser Sauser. The start is at the mountain terminal of the Sunliner and then you get down to the Komperdell valley terminal.

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