Brezinas adventure mountains - pure family holiday

Exciting adventure program in the mountains

An innovative program for the whole family. Here you get a new view of mountains, nature and the environment. Get your "adventure backpack", equipped with useful devices such as binoculars and magnifying glasses, at one of the three tourist offices and set off on your adventurous expeditions. At the end, the children will receive a certificate for each of the three routes, provided that they have completed the puzzles!

ahoy! Full steam ahead
Pirates’ Trail

Equipped with a puzzle booklet, we’re finally ready to head off into our adventure! Take the Komperdellbahn cable car up to the mid station. The starting point of the Pirates‘ Trail is at the Murmliwasser park. Now it’s time to open up your puzzle booklet, grab a pen and experience the wild puzzlehunt surrounding Captain Pepper. 

Total upside down witch house in Fiss
Witches' Way

Peppina and her brother Fips need help! There was an explosion on the Witches‘ Trail – the two young wizards have blown up the witches’ house! Lots of objects have been flung through the air and are scattered along the trail. So, let’s go! Grab your puzzle booklet and let’s solve the case! 

Exploring the Explorers’ Trail
Researcher's trail

Huh? All of a sudden, all the hikers have shrunk and see everything from an ant’s perspective. What happened? All we know is that a strange tree house was discovered in the forest. At second glance, it becomes apparent that it’s an ingenious explorer’s house. A dream come true for every child with a curious and inventive mind! 

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